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Deciphering the track number of a parcel from China
Deciphering the track number of a parcel from China

Track number - a unique code that consists of numbers or numbers with letters, and refers to the postal item. The recipient and the sender can track the movement of the parcel at various stages, from reception to receipt. Deciphering the track number helps to find out information such as weight, cost and estimated date of arrival of the order. It is proof of the existence of the parcel, and if for some reason it does not reach the recipient, then with its help it will be possible to return the money for the goods by contacting the seller.

decryption of postal track numbers

What do the numbers of a parcel from China say about

All the necessary information about the product is contained in the decoding of the track number. In order to understand the meaning of numbers and letters, you need to know their decoding.

Deciphering the track number of the parcel by the first letter is as follows:

  1. A - the parcel is not insured and weighs no more than 2 kg.
  2. R is a registered package with the same weight.
  3. V - differs from the previous ones in that it was insured.
  4. L-package weighing up to 2 kg, sent by air.
  5. C - regular parcel, the weight of which is more than 2 kg.
  6. E - dispatch (same weight) via the Express service.

Deciphering the track number by the second letter:

  1. A, B - the parcel goes to its destination by air.
  2. C - air parcel, takes a long time to issue.
  3. T - the parcel is sent in the form of a parcel or package, will be delivered via airmail.
  4. R - the parcel goes to the recipient on a ship or train;
  5. P - the parcel was sent first class.
decryption of the parcel

When sent by express services, the decoding of the letters of the track number will have the following meaning:

  1. EE - EMS. This combination of letters indicates that the package after the Chinese transit point will immediately be sent to its destination.
  2. EA - EMS. The goods are already moving to the recipient from the sender's country. Most often, such a shipment will bypass customs control.

The next 9 digits are the unique package number. The last letters of the track number, the decoding of which is simple, speak of the country of the sender and the delivery service. Most often you can find such combinations of the most popular suppliers: CN - China, NK - Hong Kong.

Parcel classification

International shipments are divided into two types:

  • packages and packages up to 2 kg;
  • packages exceeding this weight.

They are also divided into registered and unregistered. The first relate to parcels from China (decodingtrack numbers are provided above) and begin with the letter R. If the shipment is small, then its registration is optional according to the rules. In this case, the movement of the package cannot be tracked. Such a departure is easy to distinguish: its number begins with the letter L.

Non-standard decoding of track numbers for parcels from China

If the shipment was transferred to a small transport company, then it is unlikely to be tracked. But there is a chance that information can be obtained on the official website of the delivery service. Deciphering the track numbers of parcels from China will be different, because these are no longer the combinations used by official mail.

letter decoding

If the shipment starts with a combination of letters UA, then it will be possible to view the movement of the parcel only in China. When crossing the border with Russia, this option disappears, and the official mail will give an error.

If the track number starts with the letters UR, then the recipient will receive a notification of the arrival of the parcel. Such a shipment can only be tracked in Russia.

How long can I track the track number?

Usually parcels from China are shipped within 10 working days. The countdown starts immediately after payment. As a rule, the shipment takes place in a shorter time. Immediately after shipment, the seller must send the track number.

Where can I track the parcel?

Parcels from China can really be tracked on special services that can be found on the Internet. Usually sellers themselves provide a link to such resources. Mostpopular among them is 17track. International shipment can be tracked on the mail website of the sender's country, which is determined by the last two letters. If the shipment was transferred to a private delivery service, then it cannot be tracked by Russian or Chinese mail. But there is a chance to see the movement of the parcel on some Internet resources. Such shipments may arrive in Russia already under new track numbers.

The parcel is being tracked, but there have been no updates for a long time

In this case, the departure follows the destination. Not at every stage the parcel can be tracked. Many transport services provide information about packages, but only while they are in China. As soon as the shipment crosses the border, the information stops coming. In this case, you cannot speed up the process. Only the sender can make a claim in case of damage or loss of the parcel. It is he who will receive the compensation, which he will transfer to the recipient.

Why the parcel was tracked before export and disappeared

Often, buyers of Chinese goods are faced with the disappearance of the shipment after crossing the border. This is due to the fact that the seller handed it over to a small transport company, which carried it around the sender's country, and then transferred it to the recipient's country by regular mail. At the time of transmission, the track number has changed. This will override the old value. The seller also cannot know the new track number. This situation is normal, and the package still reaches the recipient.

How do I know that the order has arrived?

The parcel that was not tracked, according tothe result should come to the recipient's post office. It may arrive already with a new track number. In this case, the post office must issue a notice and put it in the mailbox at the place of residence. With him you need to go to the office, after writing down your passport data on it. If the shipment is very small, it can be immediately put in the mailbox.

decoding track number from china

If the parcel arrival time has expired, then you can safely open a dispute and get your money back. Refunds are usually seamless with untraceable packages.

Deciphering the track number of the Russian Post

When a parcel crosses the border, the recipient's country is responsible for its safety. Russian Post is a state-owned company that works with almost all types of cargo and in all directions. By law, the employee of the branch at the time of receiving the item is required to issue a check. It should indicate: the weight of the cargo, the cost, the branch number, the details of the person who placed the order, and the track number of the parcel in Russia. We will consider the decryption below.

Important information for the sender is highlighted in red on the receipt. The track number is not assigned to ordinary letters, only registered ones. Internal numbers are assigned to parcels going within the country. Deciphering the track number of mail in Russia is not difficult. The number consists of 14 digits, which can be conditionally divided into four parts.

The first 6 digits are the index of the post office from which the parcel was sent. Subsequent values ​​- serial numbermonth, followed by a unique departure number. This is how the decoding of the track number of the parcel in Russia looks like. "Post of Russia" draws it up on the territory of the country.

Why is the parcel not tracked?

It happens that the parcel is not tracked for a long time after sending. It is impossible to track the track number for three reasons:

  1. The seller mistakenly gave a different code. In this case, the package will arrive at the recipient, but it will not be trackable.
  2. The seller deliberately gave a fake number. However, he sent the parcel without tracking. The shipment will be delivered, but for a long period.
  3. The seller gave the wrong track number without sending the parcel. In this case, 3 days before the end of the purchase protection period, you need to open a claim in order to return your money.

How to understand that the package is missing in Russia?

It happens that all the deadlines have passed, but the shipment has not arrived. First you need to make sure that it is the Russian Post that is to blame. For international shipments, parcels may get stuck at customs or not reach the border. In this case, the service of another country is to blame.

To clarify the situation, you need to go to the official website of the mail in the lost parcels section and enter the track number of the parcel. If such a shipment does not exist or the number is entered incorrectly, the program will generate an error. This will mean that the Russian Post is not involved in the disappearance of the parcel.

What should I do if the parcel is lost at the Russian Post?

What if the deadline for receipt is longpassed, and the shipment disappeared between the sorting points? In this case, you must send a request to search for the parcel. To do this, you can download a ready-made form from the official website of the Russian Post or ask for it at any branch. When writing a request, it is important to describe the details of the package in detail. It is necessary to specify the dimensions of the shipment, the list of contents, the total weight, the data of the sender and the recipient. A receipt with a tracking number and a photocopy of documents must be attached to the form. After submitting the documents, the applicant must receive a certificate of acceptance.

An answer to a claim for the loss of domestic parcels should come within 5 to 30 days, for international shipments - from 2 to 3 months. Within the specified period, the applicant must receive a response about the results of the search.

Often the parcel arrives before the official letter. In this case, the recipient is en titled to a financial pen alty for violating the waiting period. But since the amount of compensation is small, such applications are very rare.

aliexpress number decoding

You can apply for a search within 6 months from the date of sending the parcel. If it was not found, then the applicant must write a claim for reimbursement of the cost of the shipment. The amount of compensation will be equal to the declared price of the goods. If the sender saved on the tariff by pricing the content at a minimum, he will lose more.

What is a false track number and why does the seller send it?

On the Internet you can find special resources that are created for sellers. On thesesites create a false track number that will be tracked by another fake service. It begins to read like a real one after a few days, after which it automatically changes statuses, creating a complete illusion of movement.

post office

This does not necessarily mean that the buyer decided to deceive. To reduce postage costs, they send the package without the ability to track it. This applies to purchases cheaper than 5-10 dollars. But many trading platforms, in terms of their functionality, require a track number from the seller. Therefore, sellers resort to such tricks. But fraud is not ruled out. Therefore, it is important to choose stores with good reviews and ratings.

China Tracking Tips

When making a purchase on foreign sites, you must consider the following features:

  • It will be possible to track the parcel by the track number of "Aliexpress" (decryption is indicated above) and other Chinese stores no earlier than three to four days after sending. It is important to consider that many sellers arrange parcels online. This means that they first send the track number to the buyer, and then the package.
  • When buying cheap goods, sellers try to save money. The track number is a paid service, the cost of which is 2-3 dollars. Therefore, inexpensive goods are sent without registration.
  • If the track number consists of only digits, then you can track the movement only until you cross the border. This often happens when ordering a cheap product. For full tracking, you need to choose paid shipping.
  • Track number -proof of purchase. Its presence will help to return the money if the goods did not arrive on time.

What if the goods arrived after the refund?

It often happens that the buyer received compensation, and then the goods. This often happens with untraceable packages. Some buyers will be delighted with the "freebie", while others will want to return the money. In the second option, you need to contact the seller. To do this, write him a message on the page of the order that came after the monetary compensation.

In this case, the seller may react differently:

  1. He will be delighted and will inform you how to return the money to him.
  2. When the price of the goods is low, the seller can give it as a gift for honesty.
  3. Won't react at all. In this case, there is no point in chasing him.

If the seller agreed to receive the money back, then this can be done in the following ways:

  1. Reorder. This method is suitable if the price of the product has not changed. To do this, you need to buy the same item with a comment that you do not need to send the item after payment.
  2. Special order. Some sellers often face various surcharges after the main order. But once an order has been placed, it can no longer be edited. To return the amount in this way, you need to select special items for the desired amount and place an order. At the same time, make a note that the money was received by the seller for the previous order. In any case, the seller will not send anything, since the special offer does not implysending goods in general.
  3. Electronic wallet. The seller may sometimes ask for a refund via PayPal, forwarding the owl's email number for identification.
decoding track number

So, the decoding of the postal track numbers is necessary first of all to prove the existence of the parcel in the event of a dispute being opened. With the help of special services, regular tracking of the parcel is possible. Deciphering the track number will help you understand which service will deliver the goods, as well as its approximate timing. Sometimes sellers save on postage, especially when ordering cheap goods. In this case, the product may not be tracked, but in most cases it still arrives on time.

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