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How to track a parcel from "Aliexpress" to Belarus by order number?
How to track a parcel from "Aliexpress" to Belarus by order number?

Today it has become very popular to order goods via the Internet. Firstly, it is cheaper than buying them in boutiques, and secondly, the range is much larger. But how to get the long-awaited product? This review is mainly devoted to tracking postal items ordered from the Aliexpress online store. Many have already appreciated the advantage of buying goods from this site. However, a problem of the following nature often arises: the parcel has already been paid for, but the recipient has not received a notification. How to track a parcel from Aliexpress to Belarus? We will try to answer this question in this review.

What is a track number?

how to track a parcel from aliexpress to belarus belpochta

Let's take a closer look at this. The track number is a special code or identifier assigned to the postal item. This code consists of a specific set of letters and numbers. Using this number, you can track all the movements of the postaldepartures. You just need to enter a certain combination on one of the services designed to track parcels and parcels. As a rule, the track number consists of 13 characters. It can contain both letters and numbers.

How to track a parcel from "Aliexpress" to Belarus by order number? According to the rules of the trading platform, each product is assigned a track number after shipment. To find out, just follow the path "My AliExpress" - "My Orders" - "Check Tracking".

How to track a parcel from "Aliexpress" to Belarus on a track without letters? The shipment can receive such a track number if the seller tried to bypass any prohibitions on shipment. For example, China Post Air Mail at one time had a restriction on the transportation of batteries. Such a system also helps speed up order processing for the merchant.

Order card

how to track a parcel from aliexpress to belarus by order number

Let's see what it is for. In the menu that opens, you can see all the data related to the order you are interested in. The name of the postal service can be seen in the "Dispatch Tracking" section. The track number should also be displayed here. By clicking on the "Details" button next to the order you have chosen, you can see all the details you are interested in.

Sometimes there are situations when it is not possible to track the package. The track number in this case can only contain a set of random numbers, with which to carry outsearch is not possible. The problem is this: the track number costs about $ 1.5-2, it is not profitable for either the seller or the buyer to pay for it at a low cost of goods. This usually applies to items that cost less than $10. Sellers themselves often withhold this information from the buyer. A message about the inability to track the parcel may come after the order has been sent. In this situation, the set of numbers assigned to the shipment is only needed to change the status of the order itself. This feature is implemented on the AliExpress platform itself.

Tracking the parcel through Belpochta

How to track a parcel from "Aliexpress" to Belarus on the track through "Belpochta"? To find out where your parcel is through the Belarus Postal Service website, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website, the main page.
  2. In the recommended section, select "Mail tracking".
  3. In the search box on the page that opens, enter the track number of the order you are interested in.
  4. After the done manipulations, a table will appear, which reflects all the movements of the parcel from the moment it was sent. The date and time of the movement of the postal item will also be visible here.

Services for tracking parcels

how to track a parcel from aliexpress to belarus by number

How to track a parcel from AliExpress to Belarus by number? In addition to the official website of the Belarusian Post, there are also many special online services andprograms that allow you to see the movement of the parcel. Also, a convenient way to search for parcels is to install applications. One such product is Trackchecker. This program is especially convenient because it allows you to track postal items in various countries. It is installed both on a personal computer and on a phone with the Android operating system.

Working with Trackchecker

How to track a parcel from "Aliexpress" to Belarus using the Trackchecker program? Let's dwell on this in more detail. A special field will appear on the screen in which you will need to enter the track number. After that, the program will automatically determine the location of the package. You can also set up Trackchecker to send you notifications when the status of a mailing item changes.

There are other programs for tracking parcels. You can install them both on your home computer and on your phone. How to track a parcel from Aliexpress to Belarus by last name? Consider further.

Tracking parcels through the Aliexpress website

When choosing a product on the discussed Internet platform, be sure to check which delivery service is used. The track may not appear immediately after sending the goods. Usually, the ability to track the location of the parcel appears in about a week. Parcels can also be tracked through the main page of the online store. To do this, follow the following path:

  1. Login to user account.
  2. Select item"My Orders".
  3. A page will open where you can click "Check Tracking".
  4. The system will redirect you to a page with information about your order, its cost, its status and buyer protection time. At the bottom of the window will be shown the name of the company that delivers your product, and even lower - its track number.
  5. The departure location information is updated periodically.

This is the way you can determine when the order leaves China and goes to the country to the recipient.

Tracking with 17Track

how to track a parcel from aliexpress to belarus on a track without letters

How to track a parcel from "Aliexpress" to Belarus? Belpochta does not always provide reliable information about the location of the parcel. In this case, you can use the special 17Track service to search. It is already noteworthy that Aliexpress itself offers to use it.

Now let's look at how to use it correctly. This resource is international and has an interface in both English and Russian. There is no unnecessary information on the page of this service, so it is almost impossible to get confused here. The order of work with 17Track will be approximately as follows:

  1. On the main page there is a large field for entering the parcel number from the Aliexpress website. Up to 40 orders can be viewed here at the same time.
  2. After entering the combination, press the key"Track". After a few seconds, the necessary information will appear on the screen.

With the help of 17Track, you can easily get all the data on most transport companies that deliver mail.

Tracking in the customs control area

So what do you need to know about this? Many are interested in how to track a parcel from Aliexpress to Belarus at customs. One of the easiest ways is to check the status of the mail item on the official control website. Here you will need to enter the details of the recipient. There is also the possibility to change the pickup point of the parcel on the customs website. It is selected as standard, according to the specified index. The shipment can be redirected to a more convenient address.

Delivery time for shipments

parcel delivery time

How to track a parcel from "Aliexpress" to Belarus? How much is postage? After the parcel crosses the border, it enters the international exchange point in Minsk. There, all shipments are distributed by postal codes. At this stage, you can easily assess where the package from Aliexpress is currently located.

As for the delivery time, between regional centers it can be from two days or more, and between other settlements - more than three. Weekends and holidays are not taken into account when calculating delivery times. It is also worth noting that since the spring of 2018, the national post of Belarus has introduced a fee for the storage of internationalparcels for more than one week. After 7 days, each day of delay will cost the recipient 36 kopecks. The tariff is determined for one parcel. If you receive several parcels or packages at the same time, you will have to pay for each one.

How to receive a parcel at Belpochta?

Now that you already know how to track a parcel from Aliexpress to Belarus via mail, let's see how you can get it. So what do you need to know about it? The algorithm for receiving a postal item depends on its size and the need for payment. If it is necessary to pay the fee after receiving the notification, the recipient must pay its cost and only then pick up the item. A parcel sent by express service can only be received by the person in whose name it was issued. At the post office, parcels and packages are issued upon presentation of a passport and notice.

Delivery Methods

how to track a parcel from aliexpress to belarus at customs

An important aspect to pay attention to is the service to which the goods are sent. The most common and popular is China Post. Approximately 80% of all parcels pass through it. This shipping is free for the buyer. However, its main disadvantage is the long waiting time - on average it is 30-40 days.

Delivery of parcels can also be carried out through the post of Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and Hong Kong. These are local mail systems with a small degree of load, so delivery times in this case will be lower. AverageDeparture when using such services comes in 2-3 weeks. A customer usually receives their order in less than a month.

Another free shipping method from Chinese online stores is Zes Express. This service is completely free, but the delivery time in this case increases significantly. It can be up to 60 days. Air freight is not used for this shipping method.

One of the fastest ways to deliver parcels from China is the ePocket service. Usually when using it, the goods arrive in two weeks, the maximum travel time can be 3 weeks.

If speed of delivery is important to you, you can use the EMS service. In this case, the package will reach its destination within two weeks.

It is also worth noting that usually expensive things come faster. Goods from the Lowcoster sections can be shipped within two months.


In this review, we examined in detail how to track a package from Aliexpress to Belarus by order number. There are several main ways to carry out this operation. Firstly, you can see where your parcel is on the official website of Belpochta. The same information is presented on the official website of the Aliexpress online store. Special services and applications can also be used to track the location of the parcel. A form for searching for a parcel is also available on the website of the country's customs service.

how to track a parcel from aliexpress to belarus by track

Despite all the advantages of ordering in online stores, there are also disadvantages. The first is delivery. Therefore, before ordering something, weigh the pros and cons.

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