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Monopoly LLC, a transport company: driver reviews about work and salary
Monopoly LLC, a transport company: driver reviews about work and salary

The company "Monopoly" is engaged in the transportation of goods in Russia and the provision of other forwarding services. The specialization of this organization lies in the logistics of goods that require special temperature storage conditions during transportation. The company has been successfully operating on the market for over 10 years.

The regional network includes 9 branches throughout the country. The head office of Monopoly LLC in St. Petersburg is located at Zvezdnaya Street, 1. Clients are offered consulting in the field of logistics, providing security, as well as tracking goods in transit.

Location of the company in St. Petersburg

General information

Monopoly LLC is a group of companies with its own transport fleet, which includes more than 500 trucks. The efforts of all employees are aimed at achieving the goals of their clients. The company claims to be professionally engaged in providingservices and guarantee the best quality. Following the high criteria in this market has led to the creation of the following working conditions in the organization:

  • Cargo insurance.
  • 24 hour dispatcher.
  • Booking transport.
  • Freight forwarding to multiple locations.
  • Drivers have medical books.
  • Availability of passes on the Moscow Ring Road.

A large fleet of vehicles ensures the stability of the provision of services to the Monopoly group of companies. Cars are equipped with special settings that allow you to regulate the temperature in the cargo chambers.

Image"Monopoly" trucking

Special equipment in the machines provides thermal insulation and good ventilation. When delivering any cargo, time is the most important factor. The goods must not only retain their qualities, but also be quickly delivered to their destination. Compliance with sanitary standards is of great importance. Drivers are required to control the cleanliness and serviceability of all mechanisms.

Specific cargo transportation

The technology of transportation of goods is determined by the special mode of storage of perishable products. The organization performs cargo transportation in compliance with the requirements and applicable regulations. The fleet of the transport company "Monopoly" is quite extensive. All machines are equipped with a climate control system.

Group of companies "Monopoly"

Highly qualified specialists and logisticians develop optimal routes for the delivery of goodsdrivers. The service features are as follows:

  • Qualified cargo handling.
  • Tracking on the route.
  • Wide service geography.
  • Short delivery times.

The specificity of transportation allows you to maintain the specified temperature in the cargo compartment in the range from -30 to +30 degrees. The organization guarantees the safety of the goods during the transportation. Monopoly has gained a good reputation among customers, but the feedback from employees about this company can be seen in different ways.

Features of transportation

Cargoes are transported on special refrigerated vehicles, in which climate control can be adjusted. Transportation in this way is required for the following goods: fish and meat products, wines, water, canned food, vegetables, cosmetics, seedlings, chemicals, hygiene products, dangerous goods, etc.

OOO "Monopoly" Saint-Petersburg

Products must be packed in boxes or boxes, and transportation of goods in Russia is carried out by highly qualified specialists. Each product has an allowable temperature range, failure to comply with which may result in losses and rejection.

Job Benefits

The organization strictly follows the principles of labor legislation, therefore it formally arranges its employees from the first day of work. Drivers say that coordinators help carry out transportation and fill out the necessary documents. Many note the possibility of career growth to the head of the department.The company pays wages on time and in full.

Difficulties and shortcomings in the work

Many people say that transportation has to be carried out on machines with great physical wear and tear. Drivers claim that the company's fleet consists of trucks of domestic production. Given the peculiarities of the Russian automotive industry, drivers have to make repairs on the road.

Gas-powered KamAZ trucks need to be refueled frequently, so there is a constant waste of fuel. Feedback from drivers about the Monopoly transport company reports that car repairs have to be constantly begged from top management. However, over the years, the attitude towards the issue of updating technology has not been revised. As a negative point, drivers point out time-impossible orders, which are often given by logisticians.

The organization has introduced a system of fines that are issued for being late, poor quality work, etc. Some employees are not satisfied with the organization of the catering system, because they have to buy food for their own money. It is almost impossible to compensate for such expenses at the expense of the company, which is confirmed by negative comments.

Reviews contain information that junior management is replacing senior management. Many comments are full of negative information about the disrespectful attitude towards drivers. In their reviews of the Monopoly transport company, drivers claim that the expectation of the promised prospects at work most oftenturns out to be a waste of time. Former employees believe that this organization underestimates its people.

Financial component

Many reviews note that employees are paid their salaries on time. As the main advantage, employees mention official employment. Most of the drivers are young people focused on monetary motivation. Making big money with this company is problematic. In negative reviews about the Monopoly transport company, drivers claim that they are not protected in any way, therefore, in case of an accident, the damage must be fully compensated from their own pocket.

Working conditions

The company provides a full social package to its employees. The company aims to cooperate with the most able-bodied and resilient employees, so the staff turnover exceeds the allowable limits.

Former drivers say that people do not stay in this position for more than three months. Many cannot calculate wages, because the payment is stretched by 4 times. Feedback from drivers about the Monopoly transport company contains information that each of them is strictly controlled.

Transport company "Monopoly" fleet

Therefore, the employee is obliged to make routes only in those directions provided by the coordinator. Some drivers note the incompetence of the dispatchers, as they often have to drive empty cars over fairly long distances. In negativereviews report short delivery times that need to be met. Otherwise, drivers will be fined. Often, employees have to operate night flights, and the mileage for the delivery of cargo should be about 1000 kilometers.

Car Refueling

In their reviews, drivers claim that the funds issued under the report are not enough to fill a full tank. Therefore, you have to buy fuel for your money or fill in the cheapest gasoline. To report to the accounting department, you have to buy a check at another gas station. Many drivers have to find the shortest routes to save money at the gas station.

Cost Reimbursement

Many reviews note that several times more fuel is consumed than planned. Nobody wants to pay out of pocket for refueling, so employees don't linger in this organization. Some drivers talk about large overspending, which amounted to quite significant amounts.

Any traveling work involves the issuance of daily allowances. Monopoly does not set the size and procedure for payment, so drivers simply provide receipts. The accounting department and the management of the organization independently determine the appropriateness of compensation for certain expenses. Also, the company does not provide settlement statements for 2-personal income tax. Of course, there are downsides to every job. However, the work of a trucker is quite specific, so you need to be prepared for it. Otherwise, it is better to pay attention to other areas of laboractivities.

What is alarming

There are always vacancies for the Monopoly company on various job search sites, for example, in the transport department. Good positions have long been occupied by people who are related or friendly with the management. Many former employees do not recommend making a choice in favor of this company. Drivers who worked for Monopoly are advised not to waste their professional time.

Transportation of goods in Russia

The company has set the rate of gasoline consumption, which is 30 liters per 100 kilometers. Considering that by the standards of the organization, summer lasts until the end of November, and winter begins in December, the excessive consumption of fuel becomes obvious.

Employment reviews

Workers note that the company begins to deceive already at the interview stage. A driving test is the most crucial moment, since it screens out a large number of potential drivers. Employees talk about a long interview, which takes place in several stages.

The employer colorfully describes the working conditions and development prospects within the company. Drivers are also offered attractive wages. In fact, at the stage of hiring, the employer names the amount of wages before taxes. In reality, it turns out to be much lower. Vacancies of the transport company "Monopoly" for drivers-forwarders of category E for a truck are constantly posted on various sites. This means that in this positionno one is delayed. The transport company "Monopoly" does not always pay salaries on time, which is confirmed by former drivers. In the reviews, they note that the final financial result is divided into salary and bonus, the size of which is not fixed anywhere. The employment contract clearly states a small salary, which is confirmed by the drivers' feedback on the Monopoly transport company.

Transport company "Monopoly" salaries

Positive feedback

Many employees (drivers, loaders) note that the salary in this organization is lower than they expect, but it is always paid on time. Employment in "Monopoly" is only official, so each employee is provided with a full social package. The amount of money earned is shown on the payroll, so it's all easy to check. Salaries in envelopes are not given to anyone here.

In some reviews, people say that career growth is really possible here, but you need to work hard to get a higher position. This trend is now observed in almost every private company.

Many drivers in the reviews report that they are provided with new cars, but in order to get them, you need to go through a kind of trial period for 3 months and prove yourself well. Very rarely new equipment is provided to those who have just got a job. This is understandable, because the company's management does not want to risk its fleet.

Some drivers like the fact that theirthe route is made by the coordinators, because in this case they take on a significant part of the responsibility for the delivery of the cargo.

Company `s logo


In this article, we examined the specifics of the work and reviews of drivers about the Monopoly transport company. It can be concluded that the problem of personnel in it is quite acute. In the eyes of customers, the reputation of the company is created by the speed and integrity of the cargo during transportation. The workflow is provided by several specialists at once: forwarders, dispatchers, coordinators, drivers and loaders.

The management of the organization is quite demanding of its employees. This is due to the fact that the success of the fulfillment of obligations under the agreements directly depends on their actions. It is the drivers and dispatchers who are the persons who characterize the company as a whole. Having studied real reviews, everyone can draw a conclusion for themselves about the specifics of working at this enterprise.

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